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for a positive world tomorrow
Hand Hug Anthem

Has Partnered with H.E.B. to Provide Schools with Free Student & Teacher Hand Hug Resources

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Kindness is Contagious Too 

Inspiring young students to focus on what they can do rather than what they can't in a COVID-19 era.

Be Kind. Be Brave. Be Smart.

Be Bold. Be Yourself. 

Building the foundations for amazing futures, both for the child and for our communities.

Kids in Preschool
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Welcome To

PositiveKidsToday is an educational experience that inspires young children to embrace a positive mindset.  We know that living a life of optimism makes it easier to have a heart filled with gratitude as we learn to transform worrisome thoughts into amazing possibilities.  We do this by providing books, curriculum, and hosting events where children can become more self-aware and explore their true self.

We are excited to inspire positive kids today, for a positive world tomorrow!

Looking to reinforce kindness, gratitude, and transform negative thoughts for your students?


PositiveKidsToday is a collection of books, apps, programs, and other resources developed to support children in the development of a healthy mindset.

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