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Introduction to Positive Kids Energy System Training

Welcome to Positive Kids Energy System Training, where we empower educators and parents with the knowledge and tools needed to foster emotional well-being in children. Our training programs are designed to cater to the specific needs of teachers and parents, providing them with practical strategies to help children understand, manage, and harness their emotions effectively. Through engaging, research-based approaches, we aim to create environments at home and in the classroom where children can thrive emotionally and socially.

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Positive Teacher Training

Use the power of positivity in the classroom

Our Teacher Training program equips educators with the skills and resources to integrate the Positive Kids Energy System into their classrooms seamlessly. Learn how to create a supportive and emotionally intelligent learning environment where students can explore their feelings, develop self-regulation skills, and build positive relationships with peers.

Kids Running

Positive Parent Training

Teach your children to live emotionally healthy lives

Our Parent Training program offers valuable insights and practical strategies for parents to support their children’s emotional development at home. Discover how to recognize and address various energy levels, use engaging activities to teach emotional regulation, and foster a positive and nurturing family dynamic.

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Book a Positive Kids Energy pep rally

Imagine a school buzzing with positive energy! A Positive Kids Pep Rally is an exciting event where students come together to celebrate their school spirit and build a strong sense of community. It's packed with interactive games, upbeat cheers, and fun music that gets everyone moving and cheering. Motivational speaker Niki Spears and Music Entertainer, Nikki Rung spread messages of kindness, self-belief, and overcoming challenges. The whole event is designed to boost children's morale and leave them feeling excited, motivated, and ready to tackle the day with a positive attitude!

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For a positive tomorrow...

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Start Today!

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