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Positive Kids Adventure: Embracing the Magic of Energy

Get ready to embark on an exciting journey with "Positive Kids Adventure: Embracing the Magic of Energy" by Niki Spears. This delightful children's book introduces five unique characters—Wendy Worrier, Timothy Tension, Responsibility Rachel, Helping Hands Hannah, and Kindness Kyle—each representing different energy levels and emotions. Through their adventures, children will learn invaluable lessons about self-regulation and emotional well-being. Join us as we launch this engaging and educational book, complete with interactive resources and activities for both parents and educators. Don't miss the chance to be part of this magical journey starting August 3rd!


Additional books to support your child's emotional intelligence journey

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Free Resources

The Hand Hug Student Activity Guide Cove

Digital Download

The Hand Hug Student Guide

Further children's understanding of kindness, gratitude, and transforming negative thoughts through real-life lessons and exercises in this 31-page guide. 

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Digital Download

Thinking Map

In every moment, we have a choice. Use the Sidewalk of Choice to help your child brainstorm if they are going down the blamer path or the responsible path.

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Digital Download

Everyday Miracles for Educators: A Journal to Inspire Positivity and Reflection

A thoughtfully designed journal that encourages teachers to seek out and appreciate the positive moments in their daily lives. This journal is filled with prompts that guide educators to reflect on their experiences, celebrate small victories, and find joy in the everyday miracles that occur in their classrooms and beyond.

The Hand Hug Teacher Activity Guide Cove

Digital Download

The Hand Hug Teacher Guide

Reinforce kindness, gratitude, and transforming negative thoughts through four weeks of lessons in a 30-page guide and compliment to our student activity guide.

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Digital Download

Hand Hug Slips

Let’s reinforce the positive by making Hand Hug slips a way to celebrate kindness, compassion, and other helping behaviors.  Simple print and share!

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For a positive tomorrow...

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