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The Hand Hug by Niki Spears 


The Hand Hug is a sweet story about Baelor, a little girl who is experiencing worrisome thoughts and doesn't know how to transform them. She's starting a new school and feeling anxious about whether she will be liked and make new friends. Then she's introduced to The Hand Hug which changes her focus and transforms her day! Baelor is the name of my new grandbaby born on August 12, 2019. I'm inspired to write a series of children's books in her name, as I struggled with negative thoughts as a child and wanted to give kids strategies to support a healthy mindset!  Stay tuned, The Hand Hug is coming soon!

Kindness is Contagious Too_PNG_v4.png

Kindness Is Contagious Too! By Niki Spears


With the onset of COVID-19, Baelor and her classmates learn that school will be closed for several weeks.  Ms. Thomas, Baelor’s teacher, challenges students to come up with a plan to help fight the virus while they’re home.  The children learn that kindness is just as contagious as the virus! Your child is invited to join Baelor and her friends as they create their own kindness project!

BE-NikiSpeaks-BaelorBooks (1).jpg

BE by Niki Spears


Baelor’s staying with her grandparents on their farm, but she’s not just learning about cows and chickens. The young, adventurous girl will learn about a real-life hero whose small act of resistance made a big difference.  When her grandparents share the story of civil rights icon Rosa Parks, an African American woman who refused to give up her seat on the bus, Baelor starts thinking about the traits she has that could be used to change the world.  In this inspirational tale, young readers will find out how they can tap into their inner strength and moral courage to make a positive impact on the world around them.

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