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  • The Hand Hug Student Activity Guide Cove

    Further children's understanding of kindness, gratitude, and transforming negative thoughts through real life lessons and exercises in this 31 page guide. 

    The Hand Hug Student Guide

    $1.99 [Digital Download]

  • The Hand Hug Teacher Activity Guide Cove

    Reinforce kindness, gratitude, and transforming negative thoughts through four weeks of lessons in a 30 page guide and, compliment to our student activity guide.

    The Hand Hug Teacher Guide

    $3.99 [Digital Download]

  • The Hand Hug Book coverpsd.jpg

    Join Baelor on her first day at school and learn how the hand hug works and how she learns to use it to feel better and even help others in this 54-page book. Available in paperback and hardcover.

    The Hand Hug (Baelor Books)

    $17.99 - 24.99

  • Four image 03.jpg

    Allow students to listen with curiosity by engaging in active speaking and listening activities that will help them communicate who they are while learning about others. Let the cards guide the way with thoughtful prompts.

    Talk & Listen Cards


  • 6-8-20.jpg

    Affirmations, or deliberate positive statements, can help you challenge and overcome negative thoughts. With repetition and belief you can start to make positive changes. Make self affirmations a daily practice with our positive affirmation cards.

    Positive Affirmation Cards


  • IMG_4578_edited.png

    Wear a reminder for you to spread love and kindness in your home, school and community with this Kindness Bracelet. Slide a bead toward you with every act of kindness! Available in three colors.

    Kindness Bracelets


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