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Ready to help your kids start the day on a Positive Note? Download the NEW PositiveKidsToday app and fill your child's mind with positive thoughts! Research shows that positive kids perform better in school, have increased memories and enhanced problem-solving abilities.

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Kindness Bracelets

Join our mission to spread love and kindness!

How to use your new kindness bracelet:


1.     Each time you do one act of kindness, slide one bead down, pulling it towards you.

2.     Acts of kindness can be a smile, a hug, high-five, a compliment, a greeting, picking up trash, being a friend, sharing and so much more.

3.     At the end of the day, count your acts of kindness.


Your bracelet is a reminder for you to spread love and kindness in your home, school, community and the world.

For bulk orders, please contact us.


PositiveKidsToday is a collection of books, apps, programs, and other resources developed to support children in the development of a healthy mindset.

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