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PositiveKidsToday is a collection of books, apps, programs, and other resources developed to support children in the development of a healthy mindset. These resources are created to enlighten the mind as students become self-aware, practice problem-solving, and embrace the opportunities in every challenge. A positive mindset is not only important to a student’s mental and emotional health, but can greatly impact their physical, social, and cognitive development as well. 

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Teachers and Parents,

Ready to help your kids start their day on a Positive Note? Download the NEW PositiveKidsToday app and fill your child’s mind with positive thoughts! Research shows that positive kids perform better in school, have increased memories and enhanced problem-solving abilities.

The PositiveKidsToday App will provide your child with:

  • Daily Affirmations which will increase kids well-being by enhancing their self-esteem all while promoting a positive mindset by helping kids challenge and overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts

  • A Grateful Journal which allows students record and focus on all the positive things in their lives.

  • And weekly Kindness Challenges that will help students share small acts of kindness in their schools and community!


Download the app now for a FREE 30-day Trial on Apple and Google Play

Inspiring Positive Kids TODAY for a POSITIVE tomorrow!