At PositiveKidsToday, we aspire to support kids in having a positive mindset and attitude.  We know that living a life of optimism makes it easier to have a heart of gratitude and can transform negative thinking. 


Founded in November 2019, by Niki Spears and Brandi Pillow, a mother and daughter team, that wanted to help young children develop a more positive attitude about themselves and their world.  Niki, a mother of three beautiful girls and a former educator, understands that the way in which a child sees herself can impact her success with building strong trusting relationships.  Brandi, a first-time mom, also recognizes that positive thinking helps to open the mind and broaden possibilities.

PositiveKidsToday provides kids with materials and resources that will engage them in mental practices to support positive thinking by providing books, bracelets, apps, and more.

We are excited to help kids create a positive world, today!